What we do


We use a combination of software known for their powerful and efficient features. Working this way, we can provide a quick high-level service with the latest technology.

We use the combination of these three software in order to give you the best environment for your online page. More than 2 millions stores are using it worldwide.

But what are they exactly?

We can develop your website from scratch… from A to Z!

Depending on your needs we can also help you for specific requests.

Launched in April 2019, SodrY sells umbrellas in Europe.

That was (and still is) a from A to Z project :

  • Complete new WordPress & WooCommerce Environment
  • Photo shooting and editing
  • Video shooting and editing
  • Logo Creation
  • Creation of the catalog of products
  • Payment system
  • Google Analytics Dashboard

Besides we also developed a solution :

  • creating and sending invoices automatically
  • generating a file used by the shipping company to avoid double encoding


The look of your website not only represents your company but it is also a key factor when considering the user experience.

Having an identity is showing to the public how you communicate. Creating a powerful identity is a real project as such. Not only does it concern your logo, but it also has an impact at multiple levels:

  • Colour scheme
  • All your physical documents…
    • business cards
    • brochures
    • envelops
    • etc
  • E-mail templates and signatures
  • Etc

Often underestimated, photo shooting and editing can be time consuming.

Check this product ‘live’

Web users are consuming video content more than ever.

Videos have lots of advantages :

  • keep visitors longer on your site while increasing a great experience feeling
  • great for your SEO
  • increase sales opportunity


Having a website is awesome but having traffic is even better. Once your site is online marketing will remain part of its life for constant improvement.

Though the concept of ‘Campaign’ is not complicated as such, it requires something most companies don’t have… TIME!

Time for what?

When you want to launch a campaign, you need to identify…

  • a goal: increase your income, visits to your store, etc.
  • an audience: young, old, female, male, etc.
  • a competitive advantage: free consultation, discount, etc.
  • a strategy: start and end dates, control and action dates, a/b testing, etc.
  • the necessary means: photo/video materials, pictures for commercial use, etc.
  • the communication channels : social network, radio, magazine, etc.
  • the Return On Investment : Google Analytics, Business Intelligence, etc.

Being visible on social networks is a must all companies should focus on if they want to reach everybody out there.

Which social networks do you need to be on? to do what?

You don’t create a Facebook page from one day to another without having a marketing plan about it:

  • what are you going to publish?
  • at which pace?
  • to who?
  • etc.

Dealing with social networks can be considered as combination of Project Management and Campaigns handling.

Posting content is like handling a campaign: you need to identify…

  • Why?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Who?

Running a business and dealing with content sounds more like an impossible mission as both of them require lots of energy and time.


Having a website is often linked to other matters. Not only does it take time to handle, but you will start collecting all sort of data and discover new data streams that need to be analysed and processed.

When collecting data – especially from different sources – you need a perfect tool to get insights about your business.

We have a strong experience with Qlik.

Though we don’t install the platform itself we can assist you to implement it within your organisation (as Project Management) and/or create useful dashboards.

It’s very difficult to stand back from your daily routine when running a business/department.

Have you considered your daily tasks? Most of the time these are killing your day as they are time consuming.

Software exist to brighten your day and make your life easier: Excel, Filemaker, Trello, Outlook, etc.

Our last projects:

  • For a big media group: creating a system calculating automatically commissions and sending reports to the sales teams
  • For an online store : integrating sales done through WooCommerce with an existing billing system

Small projects like one specific campaign or huge projects like implementing a Business Intelligence system within a company require one identical MUST HAVE:


Are we going to talk here about Prince2, CAPM®, etc… certifications?

Nope… we are just here talking about common sense to reach a goal – the project requirements 😊!

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Resources available
    • Budget
    • People
  • Process
  • Milestones

We use TRELLO to handle projects.

Since May 2018 a new regulation entered into force in the European Union… The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Companies should incorporate organisational and technical mechanisms to protect personal data in the design of new systems and processes.

We can help you to keep this in mind! What they call ‘Privacy by Design’!

Depending on the tasks our clients give us, d-Ligence works on regular basis with selected partners or freelances.

This allows us to give you a quicker solution with quality remaining our objective.