Sure you wanna know what's going on here?


Since 1975, d-Ligence tries to find ways around laziness thanks to new technologies!

Wait! … Who are we fooling here?

d-Ligence was created in 2018, not 1975! Oops!

It’s just its founder – Stéphan Vancaster – who was born in 1975!

I guess that would be me back then...

Commodore 64

I remember getting my first computer at 12, an outstanding Commodore 64!

Back then I discovered a new language, at least to me. That was BASIC, its syntax and its logic. Quickly I found out that it can do quicker and more complex calculations than my single calculator.

That was the beginning of a long long love story with IT.  

I guess that would be me... today

Even though I have a strong passion for IT, I didn’t choose that path for my career.

I indeed spent 15 Years in the insurance sector followed by 7 years in the media industry. And that was always coloured with IT ideas.

End of 2018 I decided to finally go on with my passion and created d-Ligence.

‘d’ for data and digital.

‘d-Ligence’ for due diligence. In French ‘diligence’ also refers to stagecoaches of the American West.

I guess that would be me...with my family

I guess that would be me...winning a badminton tournament, my favorite sport

What? Laziness?

Let's say it's a polite way to say 'd-Ligence develops solutions when facing repetitive and time-consuming daily routine!' 🙂

This is basically how everything started in 1975! 😊

Today d-Ligence wants to help companies with their online activities and more specifically with online stores.

Therefore d-Ligence has developed a guide helping them build their store while giving as much independence as possible.

We have also gathered lots of experience with different subjects that can enhance the ownership of an online store : Project Management, Business Intelligence, Made to measure Solutions, Etc.


The success of a company lies within its heart... the people!

Depending on the projects d-Ligence works on a regular basis with selected freelances or partners.

This is for obvious reasons: time and knowledge.

Let’s take the example of the marketing content. d-Ligence doesn’t have the required skill to guarantee a good level of content. d-Ligence works in that case with freelances or partners.

Whether we directly do the job or not, d-Ligence coordinates everything until the final output while quality remaining our objective.